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Q: What is Greek Goddess Makeovers?
A: Greek Goddess Makeovers is a brand name of makeup artist Aasma bhasin and Gursaakshi Sahni. They are both Sisters and work as freelance makeup artist.

 Q: How old are you both and where you live?
 A: Aasma Bhasin is 25 yrs( born 18th jan 1987) & gursaakshi is 22( Born 22nd july 1990). Both live in New Delhi,INDIA.

 Q: What camera do you use?
 A: P500 Nikon

Q: What editing software do you use, and how do you do it?
 A: Well we never have used any editing software to enhance the pictures since we just like to show the real look rather than the edited one.!

Q: How did you learn to do makeup? Did you go to school?
A: Nope we never went to any makeup school. we learned with practicing on self and friends-family... We have loved to do makeup since childhood it always fascinated us and as we grew the interest was much deeper...Not saying that we were instantly some amazing makeup artist...We have had years and years of practice.

 Q: Do you do video tutorials?
A: well We are still working on that part and promise to do that soon.... you can subscribe to Our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/greekgoddessmakeover

 Q: What is/are your favourite makeup brand(s)?
A: I have always been a MAC fanatic as have most of you have also I'm sure!! But I couldn't commit myself to just one brand especially with all the amazing new brands that have popped up over the past few years!! My favourites include MAC, Inglot, Illamasqua, Ben Nye, Urban Decay and Makeup Forever to name but a few. And there are also fantastic drugstore/pharmacy brands like L'oreal, Bourjois, Revlon etc.

 Q: Can I make a personalized request?
A: We get a lot of requests and it would be impossible to do each one. We take each one into consideration, but if a certain look gets an overwhelming amount of requests, then We would go ahead and do that look.

Q: How can i contact you?
A: You can contact us at
     Call at   00919999911352, 0091999940743
Q: Are You Married?
A: Well Aasma Bhasin is married (27th nov 2009) & Gursaakshi is still single :)...

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